Las Vegas Hypnosis

Discover how professional hypnosis can improve your life

Discover Las Vegas hypnosis! Hypnosis is used for many different reasons, some of the more common issues are listed below. I work with individuals, couples and groups of people who are trying to improve their lives and provide training in self-hypnosis, meditation and NLP. Although most of the clients I see are residents of Las Vegas, I see tourists and can provide follow-up via Skype sessions or refer you to a local provider in your area.

Call me at (702) 488-9640 and discover how you can benefit today from Las Vegas hypnosis.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis

You can stop smoking and I can help you. Millions of people use hypnosis each year to stop smoking and even Ellen DeGeneres and Ben Affleck famously used hypnosis to stop smoking. The research shows results as high as 90% for smoking cessation hypnosis. Are you ready to quit forever? Call me at (702) 488-9640 or click here for more information about the QuitSuccess program!

Weight-Loss Hypnosis

Studies show that people who lose weight using hypnosis are up to twice as likely to keep that weight off. It works by changing your associations with food, to develop new habits and end mindless eating. We also focus on increasing activity and working within your body type and any medical limitations.  Are you ready to finally lose weight and keep it off? Call me at (702) 488-9640 or click here for more information about the SuccessFit program!

Stress and Daily Anxiety

Anxiety is at the heart of health problems, relationship difficulties and even getting day to day tasks complete. Do you have unresolved anxiety and a need to create calm at home and work? I teach the methods of mindfulness advocated by leading journals and researchers in helping people to finally create serenity in a crazy world.  Call me at (702) 488-9640 or click here for more information.

Sleeping problems?

Hypnosis comes from the Greek word for “Sleep” and although hypnosis is not sleep, but learning self-hypnosis you can easily break patterns of sleep difficulties, overcome jet lag, and adjust to shifting work. Stop tossing and turning and stop waking up feeling sleepless. Call me at (702) 488-9640 or click here for more information.

Medical Hypnosis

Hypnosis is an evidenced based approach to helping medical clients feel better, heal faster and return to normal functioning. I work with your doctor to teach you the skills of Medical Meditation and self-hypnosis that change your life. I work with pre- and post- surgical clients and I help people with distressing symptoms find lasting solutions. Call me at (702) 488-9640.

Academic Performance and Test-Taking Anxiety

I help top students go even further. Academic performance hypnosis can make a huge difference in your success in school, scholarship competitions, or on professional exams and entrance exams. I work with top performing high school and college students and with adult learners in both academics and for vocational preparation and exams. Call me at (702) 488-9640.

Sports Performance Hypnosis

I live on a golf course, and every morning when I go for my walk I see golfers who really need my help! I help athletes at all levels “get in the zone” and master the mental game. I work with golfers, team sports players, swimmers, and competitors in every sport. I have helped everyone from rodeo stars to skeet shooters, basketball players and both pro and amateur athletes. Call me at (702) 488-9640.